Writing Resources

Here are some links I’ve collected on my journey to become a better writer. I hope they help you as well.

Seventh Sanctum– name generator

Behind the Name-Need more help with naming characters and give the name a special meaning.

Agent Query– Find the right agent for your work.

How to Title Your Book-Advice on titling your book.

Fantasy Worldbuilding-Straight from the SFWA page.

Common Archetypes-Need help with characterization. Take an archetype and turn it on its head.

Word Count Trackers– Need help keeping track. Try one of these.

Write Track– Set up a word count goal for yourself and keep track of it with this tool.

Evil Editor– Need help with your query. Read through Evil Editor’s advice to other writers or maybe even submit your own for advice.

Duotrope-Find places to submit your work.

Newspages-Find places to submit your work.

Writeworld– A great place for resources about everything you want to know about writing.

Mythical Creatures List-Need help with coming up magical creatures for your story. Look here.

Limyaael’s Rants-Commentary and advice on how to construct a story.

Superhero Nation-Everything you need to know about making your own superheroes.

How to Revise a Novel– Good advice on revising your novel.

Symbols– Online Encyclopedia of Western Signs and Ideograms

Between Fact on Fiction by Natalie Whipple- Great resouces for writers

Encyclopedia Mythica-Myhtology, Folklore, and Religion

Luminary Writer’s Database– A way to keep track of your submissions and word count.

Writing Diversity:

N.K. Jemisin’s Post on Describing POC

And another one

Kate Hart’s Writing and Diversity

Tips on Outlining Your Novel:

Snowflake Method

A Simple Novel Outline

Story Development for Writers


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