National Writing Month 2015

Hi friends,

It’s that time of the year now. It’s NanoWriMo 2015, and I’ve been aware of what I was going to write for a while now.


This year I’ve decided that I was going to tackle a genre I’ve never written before. The previous years of Nano have mainly been horror/supernatural and one year was fantasy. This year I’m writing science fiction, and if you’ve been following me on twitter, you will be aware of my love for superheroes. Yeah, that’s right, I’ll be writing a novel about superheroes.

I decided to stay firmly in the realm of science fiction and not stray towards fantasy. My main character is in a world where people with powers are looked down upon and seen as unnatural. His mother left him when he was very young and became a supervillian, and my main character’s twin sister runs away to join their mother’s side. His father is part of a task force that captures and subdues people like him. His father is aware of his powers and constantly tells him not to reveal them to anyone.

The world is also vastly different to ours because I had to make some changes to it in order to include the type of storyline I wanted in it, so it will partly be dystopia. Just think of V for Vendetta meets X-Men. I’m still in the process of ¬†outlining and fleshing out a few side characters. I try not to do a complete outline, sometimes I’ll do one that goes on for half the book. As I’m writing, new story lines and characters emerge, so I like to leave that door open.

Here’s some art, some kind people did for me.

Dahlia by Layure
Dahlia by Layure
Darren by Hragon
Darren by Hragon

I’ll go ahead and blog my progress once NaNoWriMo begins in November.

Good luck to you and your projects.





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