The Editing of Rise of the Wicked: Part One

Hi friends,

(Me, while editing)



Since my last post, I’m happy to say that I’ve made some progress on editing the first book in the Amara Pace Chronicles. I’m about halfway through it now marking it up with my red pen and writing notes about what needs to change. There was a bit of a gap when I wrote the first part of Rise of the Wicked and the second half. I do notice the difference as I continue reading through it. The first half is going to need a lot of work so will the second half, but I noticed the second half is a little bit more put together.

The two major areas I’ll be focusing on as I write is plot and characterization. Some things that I ask myself as I’m reading through are:

Is this scene necessary? Does it add anything to the story?

Are the scenes making sense? Does the order they’re in flow?

Did I adequately explain and describe what’s going on? Could it be better?

Does this scene adequately portray my character’s emotional state at this time?

Does this reaction make sense?

What’s supposed to be the storyline for this character? Is the plot helping to carry that character’s storyline?

Those are just some of the questions I ask myself. I’m ¬†pretty sure there are more, but for right now, I just concentrate on those particular questions. I’m enjoying going back to read it and realizing what are my strengths and weaknesses. I need to go back and pay attention to my character’s voice and what’s going on in her head. This is extremely important, especially because it’s written in first person.

I’ve also been taking notes about what happens in each chapter, and it’s made me realize that I have some trimming that needs to be done. A couple of chapters can be cut at certain points and combined with other chapters. I think it will help streamline the first part a lot better. That’s my progress so far.

Good luck to you and your projects.



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