A Few Resources For Writing a Query

Hello fellow writing friends,


I just recently ran into one of my professors at a Christmas tree lighting event, and it was very illuminating. He was one of my mentors, when I was at college and helped me with starting on Rise of the Wicked, the first book of the Amara Pace Chronicles.

He was very encouraging and told me to go ahead and get those books in shape and start looking for an agent. It’s always nice to have someone that has read your writing and knows your strengths and weaknesses and still believes in you.

Anyway, I have decided to change my writing schedule next year and move some things around. I need to start editing some of my works to get it ready for agent-searching by the end of the year. That got me into looking for different resources into writing queries.

One of my favorites is Evil Editor. Basically, people send in their queries and have them critiqued by him and some other people who follow the blog. This has long been one of my favorite blogs to read.

Another one is called Query Shark. It’s basically the same idea, but I just recently started reading the blog. It’s been very helpful so far.

I also looked at some of the guidelines on AgentQuery here at this page. I made sure to write down some notes from this particular page.

The gist about writing a query is about telling the who, what, and the why. Who is your protagonist? What is their goal? Why is it hard for them to reach their goal? One thing this particular professor always told me is that something major has to happen with your character. There has to be something that takes them from point A to point B to point C. What is the point of their journey? What are some of the obstacles that come into their way? This appears to be what you must focus your query on.

I’m sure there are many other palces to find tips on writing a query, but I hope this gives you a head start on your publishing journey.

Good luck to you and your projects.


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