And NaNoWriMo Comes to a Close

Hello friends,

This post is a little late, but you’ll have to excuse me. I just got a job and was working while I did NaNo. 😀



I did it once again. I won NaNoWriMo 2014 for the second year in a row. WooHoo!


I have participated in NaNo for four years, but as of now, I’ve won twice. I promised myself that I would win again this year to keep the streak going and get a start on the sequel to Rise of the Wicked which I finished during this year’s NaNo as well as start on the sequel.

At the end of NaNo, it looked a little like this:

Rise of the Wicked=13k (finished it)

Signs of the Hunted (the sequel)= a little over 37k

There were points where I didn’t think I was going to win. I had gotten so far behind, but I was determined to win, so I wrote like I had never written before. I reached a personal best of writing nearly 9k in one day. That’s the most I had ever written in one day.

Although Signs of the Hunted is 37k in, it’s not finished at all, but I did manage to finish writing an outline. Wow, I feel bad for my characters. Some characters popped out of nowhere and demanded to be given a bigger part. Others have a very painful journey filled with revelations that I had no idea were there. Secrets starting coming out about Amara’s mother and father. (Amara’s the main character). Everyone was in the same room when someone was predicted to die, and I do plan on going through with that. It’s really hard to kill off a character, especially when you like writing them so much. But, it’s necessary at this point with what’s going on and what’s about to happen in the third book. There were bound to be casualties.

I think I made a lot of good progress this year. I will do an end of year post detailing my final word count for the year as well as another post deciding what next year’s writing schedule will be. Next year will be really busy, since I’ll be working and starting my Master’s degree in English Literature. I finally feel like things are starting to fall into place. I have two books completed now. My goal is to edit them, work on my queries, and have them ready for agents to peruse by the end of next year. I really want to start that part of my author journey soon. I’ll be writing about it as I start it. Wish me luck!

Good luck to you and your projects.



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