Do You Need An Author Website?

Hi friends,

The answer is that it is basically up to you and what you want to get out of it.

I’m going to talk a little bit about having an author website and what that entails. I’ve been doing a lot of research about this because I was curious. I was already advised by my career advisor in college to start this blog, so that I would have a place to talk about my writing, the process, and to meet other writers. I’m glad she suggested it to me because it has been a great way to meet fellow writers but to also give me the motivation I needed. Anyway, as I did research about whether an unpublished author needed a website, I came across this article by Jane Friedman, 3 Reasons to Have a Website If You’re Unpublished.  She is a must to follow for future writers. I have spent many a time, reading through her articles.

She also goes on to give advice about the Author Platform, Author Website Design, and Common Mistakes Author’s Websites and Blogs Make.

Her advice prompted me to make my own author website. There’s not much on it right now, but it feels good to have something for people to go see. Let me be clear though. If you already have a blog and you’re comfortable with just having that. Then, there’s absolutely no need for you to create a website. A blog is perfectly fine as a hub for you and your writing and to have a place where people can come to get to know you a little better.

It was simply Friedman’s advice and my own desire to have one.

You can host your author website on various places. I know some people would say that you need to hire someone to make you one. You could but there are other alternatives now available for people out there.

Here’s a list of website builders that I have discovered during my many research journeys:

*Be aware that you need to contact a web host and get a domain name before you download to create your website.

**It is a blogging platform, but it can also be changed into a website much like your blog on

***I have seen some authors use this as an author website, even though it too is also a blogging platform.

Each one has its own pros and cons, and you should do your own research about which one would be a better fit for you. I personally gave Wix and Weebly a try. I ended up gong with Weebly. I just liked the look and feel of it compared to Wix.

Here’s some more advice about building your author website from Jane Friedman, Building Your First Website: Resource List.

Good luck to you and your projects. 🙂


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