The Three Month Challenge: Month 1 Complete.

Hi friends,

The first month of my three month challenge has been met. I completed In the Beginning: The Guardians on October 31, 2013. I finished it at 48,188 words in all and surpassing my goal for the month of 10,000 words by 7,000 words. I’m very proud of myself for finally completing this work. I started this story on April 1, 2013, and it is finally done.

This is my first writing project that I have completed. It wasn’t easy, and I was often hard myself for leaving it uncompleted, but I’m so glad I managed to finish it.

These short stories pertaining to my five main characters for my future fantasy series helped me tremendously. It helped me get a firmer grasp on their personalities, their backgrounds, and the worldbuilding for their homeworlds.

They will need a ton of editing, but for right now, I’m just happy to see a completed work.

I hope this inspires you to finish that manuscript that has been collecting dust. It took me years to finally start on a writing project and finish it.  If I can do it, I know you can.


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