Dreaming Up a Story


Most of the time I get my inspiration from movies, television, or other books. There is this other part where a good portion of my ideas come to me, while I’m going to sleep or when I’m lying in bed about to get up. Recently, I just came up with a new idea for a novel. This idea came from a dream I had. I tend to have very strange dreams from giant snakes chasing me to being at Hogwarts. XD

In this dream, the world had ended, and I was wandering through the world with my mother by my side. I was pretty ruthless, when it came to protecting my mother. I had magical powers that fended off these strange looking creatures. Then, we came across a vampire, who became our traveling companion. After I woke up from my dream, I had the good fortune of still remembering these lingering thoughts. I immediately wrote it down because it could become a novel in the future.

I encourage writers to keep a journal by their bedside. You’ll never know when inspiration strikes.

Wishing you luck on your projects.



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