Camp NaNoWriMo July 2013 Update

Hi everyone,

Camp NaNoWriMo for July is coming to close. In my previous post, I talked about my goal being 25,000 words. Unfortunately real life interfered.  I had to help my sister because she was going through the death of someone very dear to her. Then I had to put everything on pause to study for the GRE. I had to lower my goal to 10,000 words. I don’t even think I’ll meet that one either. I did complete one out of three of the short stories I meant to finish. I’m happy I finished something at least.

This short story focused primarily on another sister who lives in a world which is mostly desert. She has the power over controlling the element of earth.  I’m very pleased with how her story came out, but I feel like something’s missing. I’ll just have to address it, when I go back to edit it.

Good luck on your projects.



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