Camp NaNoWriMo: Update 1

Hello friends,

Good news. I have been working diligently on Camp NaNoWriMo this month, it’s been going very well so far. I’ve completed my first short story in the collection. Now, I have four more to go for the rest of this month. I don’t know, if I mentioned it before, but the short story collection is basically laying down the foundation  for my epic fantasy story I’m planning. It’s helping me to get a grasp of how the realms should look and the background of my characters. (Making up names is hard.) Each story centers around a different sister. These five sisters are the main protagonists for my fantasy series. (Well, one of them is the antagonist.)

My inspiration initially came from “The Avengers.” Yep, that’s right, “The Avengers”. Mainly, it was Thor and Loki that inspired me. I’ve always been a fan of mythology, so my brain began working over time about a story centering around siblings and their relationships. My relationship with my two sisters also served as a stepping stone to the strength of a sisterly bond, and how that bond can be broken (Or better yet, can it be broken?) How far would you go to save someone, who didn’t want to be saved?

I’ve been doing a minuscule amount of research on Norse mythology, but I plan on going more in depth with it very soon. So far, I’ve been coming up with names of various places and characters. Like I said before, naming things is hard. Creating a fantasy world is also hard. I like the names to mean something, so I’ve been using It’s very helpful.

Here’s an unedited excerpt:

“I turned toward the other side of the arena where another set of large doors began to open. I held my sword out and braced myself for the upcoming attack. I made an effort to stop my arms from shaking. The air smelled stale and of something dead. Two glowing red eyes peered at me through the darkness. I took a few steps back as the creature began to hiss. It finally came out of the shadows, and it revealed itself. It was a giant serpent. It slithered out and came closer to me. There were cries of fear from the crowd, but the stands were put higher away from ground of the arena. They were in no true danger, but I, on the other hand, was right at danger’s snapping jaws.”

Excuse any mistakes. Part of NaNoWriMo is just putting your words down on paper, and then you go back and edit. So, I do. 🙂

I’ll continue to update on my progress. Good luck on your projects.


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