Michelle I. Mason

I posted once before about why titles are important, and agent Suzie Townsend also posted about titles here. What it comes down to is that for most agents, the title is your first impression. You include it in the subject line of your email, so even if it’s at the end of your query, it’s still the first thing an agent sees. I expect this is probably true of editors, too.

The title conveys the tone of your manuscript and–assuming it’s not a one-word title–gives a hint of your writing style. So, how do you come up with a title that makes an agent lean in and say, “I definitely want to see what that query’s about”? I haven’t quite perfected it, but here are some steps I take–not necessarily in this order.

1. List key words, including character names and descriptors. My initial brainstorm consists of throwing…

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