The Cover Letter

If you’re preparing to send your short stories or poetry out into the literary magazine world and the like, you may read their submission guidelines. Some of them may ask for a cover letter.  The cover letter is very different from the query. What I’ve read is that the query is best suited for your novel submissions, so it has an excuse to be long. However the opposite is true for your cover letter. From the research I’ve gathered, it’s best to keep it short and sweet.

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Teens Can Write, Too!

From the start, my goal with this blog has always been both to support and inform all writers, but specifically those of us of the teen variety, and when it comes to the latter, the one topic that has always eluded me is publishing with small presses. Being that I don’t have first-hand experience in that process, I’ve always been reluctant to talk about it, and that’s why I’m so thrilled to introduce Danielle Ellison, someone who, as both an author and an editor at a small press, definitely knows a thing or two about the process. Danielle is here to share some honest thoughts about what it’s like to work with small presses, for all of us who are either curious about this route or who have been considering trying it for themselves.

Danielle is Senior Editor at Spencer Hill Press and Spencer Hill Contemporary. She is also a YA author and her debut…

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Works in Progress

If you looked on my blog, you’ll see some new changes. I decided that it needed a new look. I also added a works in progress page. I figured that this would help me a bit with keeping up with my writing. I’ve been taking a break from writing my supernatural series to further develop my fantasy series. I’ve been attempting to create character profiles for my main protagonists. There are four of them. I’ve also started on a short story pertaining to the antagonist because the story of their downfall into evil is very important.

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We writers, we all know the truth. Publishing is a TOUGH business. You can write for years and churn out manuscript after manuscript and never get a bite from an agent or a publisher.  Some will give up on their dream while others will keep pushing forward.


The question is which writer are you? Completely committed or ready to throw in the towel?


If you’re on the fence, let me share with you two great stories that have happened in the last several weeks. Maybe they will inspire you to keep your feet on the path to publication.


My critique partner, Katie French, toiled in the query trenches for a long time. After not getting any agent interest,  she decided to self-publish her amazing Young Adult novel, THE BREEDERS.  She’s sold quite a few copies and has done a great job promoting the book. …

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The Best Years of Your Life

The Best Years of Your Life

            What exactly was the point of prom? To torture people’s ears with the same Top 40 songs they played on the radio over and over again, or to humiliate yourself on the dance floor. He wanted to take the streamers off the walls and stuff them in his ears. The oversized tux was itchy, and his hair felt like a helmet. He sank deeper into his chair and glared across the table at the people dancing. His conclusion: prom sucked.

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Untitled:The Dog Story

This is one of those writing exercises I did early in my college career. I’m ashamed of it, but I’m going to post it anyway. I forgot that it even existed.


Adrian lived alone in a small apartment, and she feared that it would remain that way until gray hair sprouted from her head and her boobs would begin to sag to the ground. She tried to fight this terrifying future by dating as much as she could. It was the only way to find Mr. Right, at least that’s what her mother had told her. (Her mother was on her fourth rich husband at the moment.) Yet, it only led to dead-end relationships with guys who thought they were prettier than her or those who wished they were prettier than her. These were no easy feats seeing as she was a blue-eyed bombshell with long black hair. Her last boyfriend Sean, who stomped on her heart, had been the closest thing to Mr. Right, until he ran off with his younger sister’s best friend. Jerk.

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