Book Recommendation Post #1

Breathing Life into Your Characters


I’m not the type of person who openly displays what they’re feeling. I don’t cry much unless it’s for a good reason, and it takes a lot to make me angry. This book talks about tapping into those emotions that we try to hide away in our unconscious, in order to better understand ourselves and the characters we write.

Once we tap into those emotions, we are better able to demonstrate them through our characters in various ways, like the situations we put them in, dialogue, their physical description, and the way they carry themselves in society. It’s very helpful so far. I thought it was a well-written book about character development. At times, it often sounded redundant, but I was fine with it. It offered sound advice about creating real characters ranging from the protagonist, family, friends, and the villain. I really liked that part also. I’d recommend it for aspiring authors who are struggling with creating real characters like I was.


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