I’m Still Here and Trying to Write

Hi friends,


I just wanted to give a quick update that I’m still around. I have plans to work on my superhero novel in September and finish Signs of the Hunted in October. If I don’t make those goals, I’ll be doing it it for NaNo. I would rather not start another project, while I have two unfinished for right now. However, I’ve always used NaNo to start a brand new¬†project, so we shall see. I hope to do another blog post about a movie I found very inspiring this past summer. It truly inspired me, so I’ll try to do that soon.

Good luck to you and your projects.

National Novel Writing Month 2015 Update #2

Hello friends,


I know this post is way overdue. I won National Writing Month back in November 2015. I’m so happy I finally got a start on a novel that has been plaguing me for a year or two. It’s been in the back of my mind tapping it’s foot, shouting “Melena, when are you going to write me?”

Well, I finally did start on it. It’s sitting at 50, 665 at the moment. I won it at 50,139. I decided for March that I was going to make the attempt to finish it. It is my superhero story that is very dear to my heart because if you follow me on twitter, you know how much I love superheroes. Wish me luck.

Good luck to you and your projects.